Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company Is Prioritizing Employee Wellness

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company Is Prioritizing Employee Wellness

Like many others, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company (SFBLI) had to pivot in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when it comes to their employees’ wellbeing, they wanted to make sure they kept opportunities and resources easily accessible, even though most of the workforce was working remotely. Throughout the pandemic, they’ve initiated campaigns, projects, and virtual events to keep employees’ wellbeing top of mind.

Feeding the Frontline

In partnership with the Mississippi State Medical Association during April and May, SFBLI provided relief for physicians and healthcare workers in hospitals and clinics in Hinds, Madison and Rankin Counties. With an on-site Café at the home office building operated by Sodexo, SFBLI and the Sodexo staff prepared over 500 meals and delivered them to the tri-county area. This partnership was a small way that SFBLI could show their appreciation and thanks to the frontline heroes who have been and are continuing to work tirelessly to protect Mississippians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual Races

The ways SFBLI has supported community partners may look different in 2020, but they are still aiming to make a significant impact. They have been the title sponsor of two virtual races, one with the Canopy Children’s Solutions and the Farm Bureau Watermelon Classic. They had over 150 employees participate in these races virtually and help impact the local community. The virtual races kept employees plugged into community efforts while also keeping their health and wellbeing top of mind!

Mindful Living

A series that has been monthly for over three years, Mindful Living sessions became virtual in 2020. The SFBLI on-site Health Coach and community partners host the sessions, featuring topics like “Eating Healthy on The Go,” “Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors to Boost Your Immunity,” and “Setting and Achieving Health Goals.” As employees’ lives have changed because of things like working from home and having children at home, SFBLI wanted to provide resources to help them keep wellbeing top of mind.

Along with numerous other programs and virtual events, SFBLI has continued to reach out and support community partners throughout the pandemic. They have upcoming partnerships with Sow Reap Feed to provide volunteers and resources for their mobile markets in the Jackson Metro area as well. 

Shelby & Murphy 5k for Kids


SFBLI works to promote many of UProot’s priorities, like creating a culture of health in the workplace, increasing educational attainment and reducing rates of chronic disease, just like UProot!

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