From the foods we eat to the environments in which we live and work, our culture shapes Mississippians’ health in profound ways.

To build a healthier Mississippi, we need to cultivate a culture that values being healthy and that helps us as individuals make healthier choices. These choices include aspects of our daily lives.

  • Workplaces can promote health by providing places and time for employees to exercise
  • Schools can promote health through nutrition education and healthy lunches;
  • Cities can promote health through planning streets that encourage active forms of transportation such as biking or walking.

If we want Mississippians to live healthier and longer lives, we must work to make it easier for people to make healthier choices. The healthy choice needs to become the default choice.

How We’ll Measure Success

  • Percentage of private worksites conducting wellness programs or health promotion activities; and
  • Percentage of school health councils that have members who are child nutrition directors, health professionals, and students.

Action Steps

No matter what your role is in your community, you can promote a culture of health.

  • We are working to encourage healthier policies in workplaces throughout the state and to build vibrant School Health Councils that promote health for Mississippi students.
  • While we are currently focusing on changing the culture in workplaces and schools, you can promote health in numerous other ways such as structuring family time around physical activities and encouraging relatives to prepare healthier versions of your favorite recipes for family dinners.
  • Read our Create a Culture of Health work plan.

Get Involved

Read the Create a Culture of Health Work Plan.

Employers: Use the resources developed by the Mississippi Business Group on Health and the Mississippi State Department of Health to see how you can create a healthier workplace.
Medical Professionals: Join a school health council in your area here (link).
Organizations: Join our coalition by contacting Angie Gainey at
Everyone: Think of ways that you can make healthy choices the standard in your home, on your campus, or in your classroom. Share successes by contacting Angie Gainey at