Outdoor Autumn Exercise in Mississippi

Outdoor Autumn Exercise in Mississippi

Take an opportunity to go outside and exercise in the fabulous fall weather that November brings to Mississippi. 

Diabetes and Exercise

Moderate physical activity is one easy step that can address obesity. Obesity is a priority for the latest State Health Improvement Plan because it can lead to a host of chronic health diseases, including diabetes. November is National Diabetes Month, so it’s a good time to spread the word that physical activity is a crucial component to preventing and managing diabetes. 

It doesn’t take a lot: 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise, like walking at a good pace, can lower your blood sugar and blood pressure.

Fortunately, Mississippi has a variety of good outdoor activities, no matter where you are in the state. You can check out Visit Mississippi for more ideas. 

Outdoor Exercise Ideas in Mississippi

The Museum Trail

In Central Mississippi, try the Museum Trail, which covers 1.5 miles between High Street and the Pearl River in Jackson. If you keep a moderate pace and go all the way there and back again, you’ll get an hour of exercise, so if you’re only after 30 minutes, turn around after you’ve seen the murals under Fortification Street. You can park at High Street near the Farmer’s Market.

Tanglefoot Trail

In North Mississippi, you might want to get your bike or your walking shoes and try the Tanglefoot Trail. There are a lot of starting points, with plenty of parking and a plaza in New Albany. The Tanglefoot is 43 miles long, so you probably won’t hike or bike it all at once. Check their website for more places to get on and off the trail.

Live Oaks Bike Trail and the National Seashore Park

In South Mississippi, you can visit the Live Oaks Bike Trail in Ocean Springs. Live Oaks IS a bike trail, but those who want to go on foot can visit the nearby Davis Bayou National Seashore Park, which has plenty of walking and hiking trails.

When the weather in Mississippi hits that perfect balance, getting outside is a treat. You don’t even have to go anywhere special, just a walk down your street or road will do. 30 minutes a day is all it takes.

If you need some more advice, the Mississippi State Department of Health also have some ideas on how to stay active to stay healthy.