I C.A.N.

I C.A.N.

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Preventing and Managing Chronic Disease

The Mississippi State Department of Health offers workshops on managing chronic disease and diabetes. They also have classes for caregivers, focusing on improving your ability to care for others.

Find workshops and resources on:

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
  • Diabetes Self-Management
  • Building Better Caregivers

Or contact Tasha Lock, Director of Community Outreach and Education at Tasha.Lock1@msdh.ms.gov

Mississippi Tobacco Quitline

When you get help, you’re twice as likely to quit for good. A personalized quit plan from the Quitline and feedback from a professional counselor help you meet your goal faster. Register with the Quitline and provide some basic information to create your plan.

Get help from a trained counselor: 1-800-784-8669

You can get free coaching and support online:

Mississippi Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

These programs are part of a broad strategy that covers everything from cancer prevention and screening to treatment and survivorship.

  • Cancer Thriving and Surviving (CTS)
  • OncoLife Survivorship Care Plan

Healthy Heart Ambassador Program

Why is the Healthy Heart Ambassador program beneficial? The HHA program provides support, guidance, and encouragement as participants monitor and record blood pressure at home.

  • Reduction in high blood pressure
  • Better blood pressure management
  • Identify and control triggers that elevate blood pressure.
  • Enhanced knowledge to develop healthier eating habits.