Teachers, students, parents, and other educational community members can have an important impact on health over the lives of Mississippi’s students.  From Pre-K to college, education is an important factor good health.  If you are part of the educational community, you can use UpRoot to promote health in your school or college.  Teachers can develop lessons that focus on some of the issues that contribute to good health, including the social determinants of health.  Students can plan events and initiatives to develop a culture of health on their campuses.  Regardless of your age or the age of your students, health literacy should be a component of education and education is a critical determinant of health status.  You can learn more about the health issues affecting our state and how the educational community is part of the solution.

Focus on

The educational attainment and culture of health action plans; forces of change assessment.

Get Involved

If you are in the K-12 community make sure your public school district has an active school health council.  If you are in the collegiate community, you can work to make your campus healthier by promoting healthy foods and exercise in addition to organizing efforts to raise awareness of the social determinants of health.

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