Community members can use the SHIP as both a resource and as a source of inspiration for future work promoting health.  The SHIP report contains a large amount of data that may be useful for community groups who are trying to better understand health in Mississippi.  Additionally, this is the first time that health has been evaluated in our state with so much input from community members and partner organizations.  The collaborative partnerships that have driven UpRoot may be a starting point for initiatives to occur between partners who haven’t previously done work together.  Community groups can use the list of partners to see who in our state has a demonstrated interest in promoting health as a potential resource for future work.  If you are someone who came here looking for ways to be healthier, the UpRoot priority areas have information and resources that can help you promote health as an individual, in your family, and in your neighborhood.  You don’t have to be a large organization to make a real difference in the health of yourself and others.

Focus on

Focus on the four components of the state health assessment and the four priority area action plans.  If you are interested in going deeper, look at the full report, which contains large amounts of data that was generated or compiled during the assessment process.

Get Involved

If you are interested in promoting health in your community, think of ways to promote the four UpRoot priorities in the places you live and work.  Also feel free to share any stories of work that you are already doing to advance one of the four priorities.  We would love to bring attention to any work that is being done in our communities as a way to better coordinate our efforts.

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